Welcome to Oshun Oxtra

Welcome to Oshun Oxtra online gallery and shop. Bringing you original, collectable and affordable paintings, prints and jewellery from our three founding artists.

Meet the artists

Michele Chilton MA (RCA)

Michele sketches abstracted views with continuous line drawing, along with memories and photos, to build her compositions. Using layers of oil paint, mono printing and sgraffito, her work aims to create atmospheric, vibrant paintings. Her linocut prints explore a more stylised portrayal of her subject matter and perfectly compliment her paintings.

Samantha Chilton

Samantha is one of the country’s leading specialists in anodising, a process which allows her to permanently add rich, layered colours, patterns and textures into her work. Sam combines precious metals, such as silver and titanium, with her anodised pieces to hand-craft the beautiful range of jewellery forms available here.

Jez Webb

Jez creates playfull illustrations inspired by his experiences and travels as well as the quirky characters that thrive in Brighton, where he lives. Jez uses fade resistant inks and high quality paper to produce fully archival limited and open edition prints with dense colour and incredibly fine detail.